In the production of my Media project, I needed to learn how to create moving titles to create ambiguity, mystery and horror themes. I used adobe after effect and premiere to create such sequences.

I used a wide range of research websites and online videos to have a more in depth knowledge of Adobe After effects after not having any past experiences on the software. I needed to create a title sequences that followed conventional horror themes.

I used Adobe Affect Effects to learn how to create an opening title for ‘The Book’ opening sequence. I also learnt how to add new font text, to allow for the titles font to conform to other horror conventions.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 14.43.35

My wider research…

I created practice edits on other projects to make sure I understood fully how to edit the effect onto a moving scene and not just as blank background. Also getting help from my team mates who had more experience on the software and could help me understand it more.

Adam Tyrell’s Link is here-

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