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Editing Titles Research

In the production of my Media project, I needed to learn how to create moving titles to create ambiguity, mystery and horror themes. I used adobe after effect and premiere to create such sequences.

I used a wide range of research websites and online videos to have a more in depth knowledge of Adobe After effects after not having any past experiences on the software. I needed to create a title sequences that followed conventional horror themes.

My wider research…

I created practice edits on other projects to make sure i understood fully how to edit the effect onto a moving scene and not just as blank background.

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Familiarizing myself with Premiere Pro

I have created and edited videos in the past for social and work life, creating an A grade piece on it for GCSE. However  I still don’t call myself an expert or even say that I am very well experienced on Premiere. That is why I spent time to work on the software outside of school, to improve my knowledge before starting the editing process. I watched youtube videos tutorials and tried to create short films for practice. Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 20.50.33.pngI do know that the editing process will take time, sometimes hours for clips of 30 seconds and I will need to do trail and error continuously but think I have the resilience to concentrate on the end goal and completing it. I do believe that I can create a good and professional piece of work, allowing me to reach my allocated grade.

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