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Preliminary Task

Preliminary Task- Evaluation

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

In the link below I answer this question using the Prezi software. I answer the question in more detail, discussing four skills I have improved through the year and how it has further my knowledge for the construction of The Book.

Preliminary Task- Evaluation By Matthew de Ath


Preliminary Task Evaluation

For my group’s preliminary task we were given the opportunity to create a short film, our idea was to create a job interview. As a group we were given 40 minutes to complete the task and include typical shots. The short amount of time meant that we were unable to do completed scripts, location recce and storyboard. Unfortunately this meant we were also unable to rehearse what we would be doing in each clip as we had limited time to complete the task.

From the 40 minutes we were able to create a 30 second sequence with small amounts of editing that had quick shots and cuts all filmed and edited on iMovie. When we shot out first film some of the videos were corrupted meaning that we had to retake the film. We tried to repeat the original shots as we believed the ones we had had the correct background and good acting. In the second shooting the film was shorter but I believe of the same quality. The editing process was quick as we already had knowledge on how to use iMovie. Additionally I think that because of our good communication and set organisation with one another we were able to complete our second shooting under the restricted amount of time. This meant that the work load was spread out and no one alone was doing it all because of this everyone was allowed to add their opinions to the project.

However we could of still improved our work. I think that our work could be improved if we added more types of cuts and more dramatic editing. Additionally I think that if we were given more time we could of added more shot types and been able of rehearsed the scene. I think this would of improved the short film because at the moment the acting seems very wooden and scripted. Overall I believe we completed the task well and gave in a strong piece of work.

Preliminary Task-Media Studies

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