AS Media Studies Foundation Portfolio



The Book- Props List

Here is a prop list for our production The Book. We wanted to create some props to make the mise-en-scene/setting more realistic and allow our narrative to work better.

Here is the props list, create by Olivia Pitcher and here is a link to her blog post page…


Risk Assessment- The Book- Living Room

Here is a risk assessment for The Book for the living room where we filmed.

Here is a link to Olivia Pitcher’s blog post surrounding the topic…

Character Profile-Susan Jones- The Book

Here is a character profile for Susan jones the mother in my project The Book. The character profile allowed us to understand the characters attrbutes and aided the actor when trying to represent the character.

Here is a link to Eve Friel blog post about the character….


Risk Assessment-The Book-The Bedroom

Here is a Risk Assessment for The Book. It studies the bedroom where we filmed and all of its safety precautions.

It was created by Eve Friel and her is a link to her blog post.

Location Recce- The Book- Living Room

Here is a location recce for The Book. It studies the stairs and living room, which we used or multiple shots.

It was created by Olivia Pitcher and here is a link to her blog post.

Risk Assessment- The Book- The Park

This is a risk assessment for my project The Book. It was created by Adam Tyrrell. It is to keep us same during the recording and to make sure no public members are hurt.

Especially as we were using a drone during filming.

Here is a link to Adam Tyrrell’s page on his blog.

Costume & Make Up – The Book

Costume & Make-Up is apart of micro-features and is seen in mise-en-scene. Therefore, is a cruical part in the representation of characters in the project.

In The Book the protagonist Susan Jones and peripheral character Katie Jones make up/costume was done by Eve Friel. Additionally the actor who played Susan Jones.

Here is a link to both blog posts about the characters mise-en-scene and how she did the make-up.



Susan Jones-






Katie Jones-

Location Recce- The Book- Bedroom

This is a location Recce for our project The Book. This location Recce is for the bedroom one of the key settings for our project.

It was created by Eve Friel, here is a link to her blog page:

The Hunter-StoryBoard

The storyboard is cruical in the production of The Book setting up other planning processes such as script, location recce and risk assessment. On the day of filming the storyboard can be a visual aid in what the frame and setting should look like.

I created a filmed version of the storyboard so that I could explain each shot and every scene. Therefore, displaying the mistakes and what we could of improved as well.

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