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Risk Assessment- The Book- The Park

This is a risk assessment for my project The Book. It was created by Adam Tyrrell. It is to keep us same during the recording and to make sure no public members are hurt.

Especially as we were using a drone during filming.

Here is a link to Adam Tyrrell’s page on his blog.

Qualitative Research- The Book

After completing my first draft, I wanted to get some research to see how I could alter and change my project for the better.

The uses of Qualitative Research

  • To find what we are communicating and if it is what we want to communicate
  • Audience research- must do it, to reach criteria
  • So you know what you need to improve.

The qualitative research was an interview with three teenagers. Their ages were all within my target audience age bracket and therefore were my primary audience.

Here is a link to another blog post surrounding conventional target audiences-  Target Audience – Horror Genre.


Costume & Make Up – The Book

Costume & Make-Up is apart of micro-features and is seen in mise-en-scene. Therefore, is a cruical part in the representation of characters in the project.

In The Book the protagonist Susan Jones and peripheral character Katie Jones make up/costume was done by Eve Friel. Additionally the actor who played Susan Jones.

Here is a link to both blog posts about the characters mise-en-scene and how she did the make-up.



Susan Jones-






Katie Jones-

Location Recce- The Book- Bedroom

This is a location Recce for our project The Book. This location Recce is for the bedroom one of the key settings for our project.

It was created by Eve Friel, here is a link to her blog page:

The Hunter-StoryBoard

The storyboard is cruical in the production of The Book setting up other planning processes such as script, location recce and risk assessment. On the day of filming the storyboard can be a visual aid in what the frame and setting should look like.

I created a filmed version of the storyboard so that I could explain each shot and every scene. Therefore, displaying the mistakes and what we could of improved as well.

StoryBoard- The Book

The storyboard is a necessity in the production of The Book. From creating the storyboard it enabled other cruical planning parts to begin, for example the script, risk assessment and location recce. The storyboard could be used as inspiration on the filming day so that we could alter and change ideas for the better such as framing and setting.

I wanted to display my storyboard with my interpretations of the pictures as well. So that audiences would understand what each scene meant to me as the director.


Risk Assessment- The Book-Outside the House

I created a risk assessment for the production of The Book. The risk assessment is cruical in all types of media, its makes sure everyone is aware of all safety precautions. My specific risk assessment covers the outside of the house filming, on the street with my other teammates creating risk assessments for other locations.

Below is the risk assessment with a download link also…

Risk Assessment- The Book.doc

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 18.56.37.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-14 at 19.04.13.png

Plot and Narrative- The Book

The Plot for The Book was created by  Adam Tyrrell. I believe he constructed a narrative that the entire team enjoys and believes in. We altered parts so that everyone had influence on the final piece.

We wanted to create the narrative first as we thought it would be easier to work backwards. Creating the scenes and the micro-features we would show. Then we worked on the story to show the rest of the films narrative. We made two drafts for the plot so that we had opportunity to change and also to be able to get feedback from focus groups.

Here is a link to Adam Tyrrell’s page about both drafts-

Character Profile-Katie Jones-The Book

This is a character profile I made for our villain Katie Jones for our production The Book. It allows us to visualise the character into real life and to make sure our original design of character is made true.

Here is a picture of my Character Profile and also a link to download it.


Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 15.40.49.png

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