AS Media Studies Foundation Portfolio



The Book-Final Draft

This is the final edit of my production The Book. This was a group effort with Olivia Pitcher, Eve Friel and Adam Tyrrell. We create multiple drafts to allow for changes in our work, and to allow for improvements.

We all believe our final draft is of great quality and that the final draft is one that can give us our targeted grades.


The Book- 2nd Draft

This is our second draft of my project.

I used the qualitative research to change the project. I will be creating one more draft from this qualitative research.

The Book- 1st Draft

This is my first draft of my project.

I will be using qualitative research to see what needs to be changed and altered.


The Hunter-Suspense Sequence


This is my final draft for the suspense Sequence The Hunter, I believe it to create tension and foreboding, completing my original goals. I additionally think that the work is professional and well made for a low budget film. I completed the directing, filming and editing myself and believe it to be of high standards-through my eyes.



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