I wanted to research the stereotypes and ideologies of the horror genre so that when my team started to film we could implement these themes and conventions into our work. If we used these themes it would make our work conform to the horror genre.

Here are some stereotypical character profiles found in the genre:

  • The female victim, portrayed as being vulnerable and in need of protection. Often shown as being stupid and annoying.




  • The Hero, Most often a male character of strong, masculine build, the ‘hero’ tends to be the brave character that goes after the murderer, they  tend to be strong and supportive.th-1


  • The Villain, Lack of appearance or emotion, hinting towards the idea of them being inhuman. They play on the audiences more primal fears and the thought that they could actually be all around at night. This character has the biggest impact on the audience and other characters, therefore should be
    represented in such a way that it seems god like.




I believe we can use this research to alter our characters e.g. for the villain, ‘the daughter’ she can be presented as inhuman and ghostly to play with the audiences emotions. Additionally, I think that we can mix both ‘the female victim’ and the ‘hero’ together so that they are suggest to have insecurities e.g. the mother is terrified of her daughters death.

You can look at our character profile of the characters to see how we used the research to alter their attributes…

Character Profile-Katie Jones-The Book

Character Profile-Susan Jones- The Book


Here is a link to the website I used for my research..