The correct Target Audience for a distribution company is cruical, so that ttarget-your-audience-for-local-businesseshe film can receive its highest revenue at the exhibition. Knowing your target audience allows the firm to alter its advertising so that its more attractable for younger, older, male or female audiences.

There are two types of target audiences-

Primary audience- is the decision maker, the ones to see the film/media first. Therefore, are the primary audience of a distribution firm and is the main audience.

Secondary Audience- is the audience educated by the primary, they are brought towards the film because of connection with primary audiences e.g. a boyfriend coming to a rom-com.

The typical target audience age for the horror genre is from 15-25. This is due to the thrilling factor arisen from horror movies, as the younger generations enjoy the jumps and surprises that come with the film. Additionally, unlike older generations, teenagers are unlikely to be put off by graphic images and iconography but instead are drawn towards them. Unlike in most genres, horror doesn’t conform to a specific gender. Therefore it does not have great influence on the primary audience for firms.

I used my Qualitative and Quantitive Research to help find my target audience age range.

Quantitative Research- The Book-Survey Monkey

Qualitative Research- The Book

Hence for both of my projects, my target audiences are teenagers between the ages of 15-25 with no specific gender. From this, I will try use the age range to find my qualitative research and help me improve my projects.

I used these websites to help with my research :