Research to Planning – The Book 

Research is crucial in the creation and development of planning a film. I have analysis multiple short films and famous opening titles, thus have seen a wide range of unique approaches to micro-features to display in our opening sequence. My research so far has informed me that mise-en-scene, cinematography, sound and editing can be manipulated to create suspense and tension to make sure the narrative and genre has strong denotations. I wanted to direct my search into the psychological horror specifically thus helping me create conventional aspects of the sub-genre. I saw typical micro-features such as low key lighting and dark wide settings. I thought this to create a sense of isolation and could be used, re-imaged for our production. This can be seen in my planning, through storyboarding and location Recce. Throughout my research I have seen reoccurring themes of mise-en-scene to be a strong indicator of the horror genre. One such technique used was low-key lighting, used in all my textual analysis;

Durham County

6th Sense

Silence  of the Lambs


Additionally, props and clothes were extremely important in creating the correct atmosphere for the audience- this was shown in the 6th sense opening- I will be using mise-en-scene to make sure that the intensity of the scene is received by the audience. The micro-features must be displayed to show the genre so that the audience can truly understand the sequence and become more emotionally involved with their deeper understanding. This research is shown in my character profiles displaying our protagonist attributes and personality.

I am able to use my research to develop my planning, thus creating a more in depth and thought provoking project. My planning is manipulated by the research, structuring it and changing it.