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I wanted to learn about the role of a Director, learning about iconic cinematography shots and how they can be utilise to create a meaningful and dramatic sequence. I learned about these shots so that they could help me introduces new techniques into my filming. Here are 7 iconic cinematography shots…


  • The Dolly Zoom – This is a shot commonly used to convey paranoia, sicking uneasiness and horrifying sudden  revelations. It was most famously used in Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

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  • The Low angle Trunk Shot – This is a shot that displays  the inside trunk of a car. It portrays realism, like hand held shots. It is commonly used in Quentin Tarantino films for example in Reservoir Dog.

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  • Dutch Angle – It is displayed by tilting the camera in one side. From this motion it creates disorientation, desperation, drunkenness and intensity. This specific shot is used in Kenneth Branagh Thor.

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  • The Close-up montage – This is when a montage of quick cut close-ups is used to make the audience pumped up and ready. Typically used in action genres for “lock and load” montages and sequences. For example used in Shawn of the Dead.

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  • The Whip Pan – This specific shot conveys urgency and rhythm. It allows the camera to get from point A to point B in the most fluid way. Additionally, using this technique it can hide cuts and keep the pace steady.
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  • One Point Perspective – This is a type of shot that uses symmetry, it makes the shot seem to have more depth. Commonly used by Wes Anderson in films such as The Shinning.


  • Long Tracking shot – The shot can be used to place the audience in the world.  It allows the audience to fully understand the world being able to receive information and knowledge from the the long take. It is famously used in Kill Bill and displays the location and setting of the scene.