I made a 2:46 minute suspense sequence named ‘The Hunter’.

In the production of the sequence I contributed by creating: props, the location recce and I also filmed all shots. As a group we created a plot/story which follows Max Baker, a teenager alone at home but hearing noises from downstairs. He goes to investigate to find ” The Hunter”.  We all made the plot/story together so that everyone could give their input on the horror story. Additionally working together for the storyboard and script to also allow everyone add their input and their visualisation of the story. In the filming of ‘The Hunter’ the visual aid of the storyboard helped massively, it allowed us to grow and adapt the text without the worry of forgetting the original cinematography and the order they go in. But I believe the character profile for the protagonist was most helpful for visualising our story. The actor was able to read the profile and have a in-depth knowledge of the character.

During the filming we came across some problems, we hadn’t anticipated the speed at which day light was lost, so some shots where a lot darker than others. I tried to correct this in the editing process by colour grading and I think in the end product the difference is not noticeable.

In the beginning their was a tracking shot of the mum walking. I thought this to be a great and simple camera movement, also allow the mother to followed so the audience can learn move about her body language and clothes- mise en scene. Another is the close ups of ‘The Hunter’ showing only facial expressions and darkness. The change in lighting suggest his evil nature also portraying to the audience he is the villain. I thought my piece after the filming and editing is good and professional giving everyone involved the right amount of credit. I worked hard and long on the work to make sure every cut and scene was of good quality.