I have created and edited videos in Premiere Pro in the pass. During my spare time, the preliminary task and the Hunter.

The Hunter-Suspense Sequence

I created an A grade piece on it for GCSE. However  I still don’t believe I am an expert on the software and still have more to learn. I believe I am at the advance level and at my current state could produced proficient grade work but I am hoping that from this process I can achieve excellent. I have tried to improve my knowledge on the software by spending time outside of school researching new effects and tools that can be used to improve my work.

From example learning about Warp Stabilizer to smooth shot and sequences out.  Helping my team to use it in the final piece to create horror themes.Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 14.24.08

I watched youtube videos tutorials and tried to create short films for practice. From doing this I now have a deeper understanding of both Premiere Pro and Adobe Affect Effect. Which can be used to create titles for our piece – Editing Titles Research

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 20.50.33.png

Even though the editing process takes time, I believe I have the resilience to complete the work and achieve my hopeful excellent grade. Through creating multiple drafts and working with my team. I do believe that I can create a good and professional piece of work, allowing me to reach my allocated grade.

Here is a link to my Evaluation on my Premiere Pro process- Technology- Premiere Pro