Story: In Alfriston village theres been a series of missing people. The police have no leads, however locals believe its something that we cant understand. After an argument with his parents max wants to stay at home and play on the xbox whilst his mum goes out for running.  Whilst playing on his xbox upstairs  in his bedroom he hears a crash, max becomes extremely nervous. Eventually he goes to investigate, to find his dog. A hooded man then greets him and kills him. His parent return to find a childhood photo of their child, one of many in the local area.

Plot: A boy is sitting in his room enjoying a game on his xbox whilst snacking on crisps, he hears a bump noise but brushes it off. He hears a loud crash, his heart rate picks up and becomes concerned. He decides to go and investigate; he finds his dog has nocked down some pans. He begins to pick the pieces up and clean the area the music and tension lowers. Max turns to return upstairs and standing behind him with some a knife (jump scare) is the hunter. The camera turns POV and ‘the hunter’ begins to run at the camera till his dark clothes fill the frame. A cut to the outside of the house to hear silence and only a scream of max being killed.

Group with Jamie Robison, Eddie Tutton and Adam Tyrrell