It is a 1:50 long short film and follows a character trying to hide from an assassin that came into her house. From the sequence I am thoroughly shocked that so much information can be given and shown in such a short amount of time.

This is done by the information shown from the use of mise-en-scene we understand that the protagonist has a high status job from wearing a suit, we additionally understand that it is linked to war. On the map pictures of war, battles and soldiers suggest to the audience that the task is of high importance also showing the character hiding the object portrays risk and importance. Mise-en-scene helps to display the danger of a situation for example the use of the gun as a prop suggesting death and threat to the protagonist.

I also think that the use of sound helps the tension to rise. For example in a scene showing the protagonist running downstairs the non diegetic soundtrack rises and falls following the women down the stairs, I believe this to increase the suspense as the audience believe something will happen.