Welcome to my site, please browse as much as you want and look through my blog.

Otherwise heres a little about me, I am Matthew de Ath and I take As Media Studies. I am a student at St Pauls Catholic college sixth form in Burgess Hill. I have now studied media studies for 2 years from GCSE and thoroughly enjoy it. I believe it to be my path to take in my future and I would like to continue my work in it to get a job I enjoy.

I received an A from GCSE Media Studies and believe that I can follow suit in A level/ AS. I follow Media in my social life and try to keep up to date with films, Tv shows and news to stay on top of our vast growing media society.

I watch films on a regular basis with family and friends. I find I can use it to distract me from normal life, I do not enjoy the horror genre but believe that from this course I will see it in a new light.